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PVX Multimount

PVX Multimount, an innovative brand in the solar energy sector, offers versatile mounting systems for solar panels specifically designed for use on flat roofs. The brand is known for its user-friendly and efficient solutions that significantly reduce installation costs and time.

Why choose PVX Multimount:

Versatility: PVX Multimount offers solutions for various mounting scenarios, including cable management and pipe fittings, ensuring an organized and secure installation.

Efficiency: The smart "click and go" system makes installation simple and quick, resulting in lower labor costs and shorter installation time.

Durability: The products are made from high-quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure a long lifespan.

PVX Multimount products, such as the PVX Multimount including wire mesh clip, pipe lockers, and ballast, are ideal for guiding cables and pipes on flat roofs, simplifying the installation of PV systems. Additionally, PVX also offers accessories such as wire mesh clips and pipe lockers for a complete and tidy installation.

PVX Multimount stands out by focusing on providing high-quality and durable mounting solutions that enhance the efficiency of PV installations. The brand continues to innovate to equip installers with the best tools for a simple and reliable installation.

With PVX Multimount, you choose a brand that combines quality and simplicity. Whether you have a large solar park or a residential installation, PVX Multimount ensures a solid and durable mounting of your solar panels.


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PVX Multimount

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