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Infrared panels

Infrared heating panels are a more efficient way of heating than conventional heating technologies, which are based on heating the ambient air. Infrared heating radiates infrared light to objects and heats them with the radiant heat.

Herschel is the UK market leader with the most experience in infrared heating and offers the widest range of installations. Installations range in size from small domestic to large commercial projects.

How do infrared heating panels work?

Infrared heating works by converting electricity into radiant heat. Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and provides the same sensation of heat as the sun does. In fact, it is the same form of heat that your own body also gives off. It is the most basic form of heating known to man.

Infrared is the direct transfer of heat from a source to the object (you and the space around you) without heating the air in between. Infrared light also has the wavelength most efficiently absorbed by the human body. It is 100% safe and natural, while UV light from the sun is harmful to our skin.

With the 100% energy-efficient Herschel infrared heater, you can use the heat of infrared radiation in a stylish, comfortable and highly controllable way, at home or in a business environment.

Why Herschel infrared heater?

Humans naturally like a pleasant ambient temperature. If it is higher than 26°C or lower than 16°C, it is perceived as uncomfortable, because we either experience too much body heat (we get hot) or lose too much heat (we get cold).

By heating the walls, ceiling and floor of the room and not the air in the room itself, our bodies will not perceive that we are losing heat and we will feel warm and comfortable. This is the purpose of infrared heating: To build up "thermal mass" in an environment that keeps you warm.

Infrared panels

Are infrared heating panels efficient?

Regular heating methods heat the air in the room. Even the most efficient low-consumption convection systems require about 40 watts per cubic metre of air to heat it. Infrared heating panels barely heat the ambient air and thus usually require only 25 watts per cubic metre to heat the room. This makes them more efficient than, say, a radiator or a radiant heater.

The heat transfer efficiency is significantly higher with infrared heating, thus saving on energy to give and maintain a pleasant temperature in a room.

Thermal mass

Herschel infrared directly heats the walls, floor and ceiling of a room, the so-called 'thermal mass'. Once the thermal mass has reached the desired temperature, the floor, walls and ceiling themselves retain the heat for some time, so they only need to be maintained at temperature.

Compared to conventional heating systems that mainly heat the contents of a room, the thermal mass heating system is much more efficient. Because warm air rises - precisely to places where you don't want it - and cools quickly through draughts and cold surfaces, it is many times more effective to transfer heat directly to the walls and ceiling of the room. Herschel infrared heating is more efficient and saves energy compared to traditional convection heating.


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Stand-alone, portable infrared 220W panel


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Turn XLS panels into free-standing heaters


Herschel Infrared Mirror XLS350M

Heated surface area: 6 - 8 m²

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