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Sungrow Solar Battery Storage

Sungrow is a leading supplier in the renewable industry, specialising in solar inverters and solar batteries. Although Sungrow is mainly known for its inverters, they also offer a range of solar batteries to complement their inverters.

Sungrow solar batteries are easy to integrate with Sungrow inverters. The energy generated by solar panels during the day can be stored in the batteries to charge an electric car at night, for example. Sungrow solar batteries are a worthwhile investment to maximise solar self-sufficiency and minimise dependence on the power grid.

Sungrow High-Voltage solar batteries

Sungrow solar batteries operate at high voltages, in the range of a few hundred volts. In this way, energy conversion and storage efficiency are optimised and the end user gets the most value for money.

The Sungrow High-Voltage Lithium-Ion battery uses lithium-ion technology, known for its high energy density, long life and superior performance. Sungrow batteries are available with different storage capacities, ranging from 3.2 kWh for small households to 22.4kW for large households or corporate applications. 

The modular design enables scalability, allowing users to expand storage capacity if the need arises.

Sungrow solar batteries key features:

High energy density: Sungrow High-Voltage solar batteries offer high energy density, allowing efficient storage of a large amount of energy in a compact size.

Scalable design: The modular design of these batteries enables scalability, allowing users to easily expand storage capacity by adding more battery modules.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS): Sungrow High-Voltage solar batteries are equipped with an advanced BMS that monitors and manages battery performance, optimising charging and discharging for maximum efficiency, safety and longevity.

Smart communication: Sungrow batteries support various communication protocols, such as CAN bus and RS485, enabling seamless integration and communication with other solar power system components, such as inverters and monitoring systems.

Long service life: Sungrow High-Voltage solar batteries have a long service life and require little maintenance, making them a reliable form of energy storage for years to come. 

High charge/discharge efficiency: the batteries are designed to have high charge and discharge efficiency, resulting in minimal energy losses during the storage process.

Enhanced safety features: Sungrow High-Voltage solar batteries incorporate multiple safety features, including over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection and thermal protection, for safe and reliable operation.

Sungrow solar battery specifications


  • ٚUp to 30 A constant charge and discharge current with high efficiency
  • Nearly 100% usable energy


  • Expandable during lifetime
  • Support for 3-8 modules per unit, up to 4 units connected in parallel, capacity range of 9-100 kWh


  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Design with multi-phase protection and comprehensive safety certification


  • Compact and light, one-person installation
  • Plug&play, no cables needed between battery modules

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Sungrow SBR Battery Module 3.2kW (SMR032-V13)

Battery module 3.2kW, IP55, Max. 100% DOD

Full set


Sungrow SBR 064 set

6.4kW, 2x SMR032, 1x empty case, 1x Accesory kit

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